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What's New#

Dataset keyword#

The new "dataset" keyword is the preferred alternative for platform searches. It allows results from multiple platforms at once. More information can be found here.

New Python package for performing searches#

asf_search is a Python package for performing searches of the ASF catalog. In addition, it offers baseline functionality and download support. It is available through PyPi and Conda. More information can be found here.

Multiple Endpoints Available#

In addition to the Search endpoint, we have multiple endpoints available for all of your Search API needs. Below is a brief overview of what's available. More details on these endpoints and how to use them can be found on the Keywords page.

Baseline Endpoint

This endpoint can be used to search for baseline data using specific reference scenes.

WKT Endpoints

The WKT validation endpoint will validate and repair a WKT input. The GeoSpatial Files to WKT endpoint will accept a POST request with files attached. It will return the parsed WKT from the file, as well as the repaired wrapped and unwrapped WKT.

Date Parser Endpoint

This endpoint can be used to check how dates are parsed by the Search API.

Mission List Endpoint

This endpoint lists all missions (also known as campaigns or collections) for all datasets.

Health Endpoint

This endpoint is used to check the Search API health. It also provides information on CMR health.

Preferred Search API Output Format#

GeoJSON is the preferred Search API output format. You can specify the output format with keyword "output". If you find a required field that is not included in GeoJSON output, please contact ASF using the info below or reach the team directly at