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Each search function returns an ASFSearchResults object:

  • geo_search() Find product info over an area of interest using a WKT string
  • granule_search() Find product info using a list of scene names
  • product_search() Find product info using a list of product IDs
  • stack_from_id() Find a baseline stack of products using a reference scene ID
  • If the above search approaches do not meet your search needs, search() supports all available keywords:
    • search() Find product info using any combination combination of search parameters
  • Additionally, numerous constants are provided to ease the search process. Currently, we provide constants for beam mode, flight direction, instrument, platform, polarization, and product type. You can see the full list of constants here.

Examples of some search workflows can be found in this sample script. You may also reference the Jupyter notebooks for example workflows.

For more advanced usage, see sections ASFSearchResults class and ASFProduct class.