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Search API Basics#

Building a Search API query consists of 3 basic steps:

  1. Use the Search API base URL:
  2. Pick an endpoint. All available endpoints are listed in the Keywords documentation. The Search endpoint uses this base URL:
  3. Build your query using keywords

The completed URL will be in this format:,value3&keyword3=value4-6

Once your query is built, you may execute by copy/pasting into a browser window, a command line interface, or by using a program. More details on various options and some syntax tips can be found in the Search API Tools documentation.

Downloading Data

In order to download data, you will need a NASA EOSDIS Earthdata Login account. Earthdata accounts are free. Go to Earthdata Login — Create Profile to create an account.

You will be prompted to accept the ASF End-User License Agreement and set a Study Area to complete your new user setup.

Note: A research agreement is required for access to JERS-1 and RADARSAT-1 data. Please complete the required Research Agreement, or contact user support at the email or number below.

Next Steps

See Search API Keywords to get started on building a query, or see the Tools page for some examples.