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L1.0 Products#

This product is generated from the raw observation data (Level 0) through data editing such as bit realignment and the addition of orbit information. It is reconstructed, unprocessed signal data with radiometric and geometric correction coefficients (appended, but not applied).

L1.1 Products#

This product is generated from Single Look Complex (SLC) products equally spaced on slant range (equal to the spacing of sampling measurement), generated after rendering SAR processing to a level 1.0 product. These products are compressed in range and azimuth. Amplitude and phase information are preserved. Individual files are provided for each polarization for multi-polarization modes.

L1.5 Products#

This product is generated from Multi-look amplitude images projected onto map coordinates (geo-referenced). This is rendered from SAR processing to level 1.0 products, and is acquired in single polarization high resolution mode. These products may be visualized without further processing. Individual files are provided for each polarization for multi-polarization modes.

KMZ Products#

This product is a compressed file that includes a KML file and a color browse image (PNG) file. The KMZ can be uncompressed by changing the .kmz file extension to .zip and unzipping it.

You may view the .kmz in Google Earth, or a similar program. Once unzipped, the .kml file can also be viewed in Google Earth. Opened in Google Earth, the file displays in an outline of the scene footprint on the Earth, and includes areas of no data, and a color browse of the geocorrected image in its correct orientation within the outline. The .png file is geocoded and rotated into projected space.

Low-Res and Hi-Res Terrain Corrected Products#

The terrain correction products are generated for all FBS, FBD, and PLR beam modes, and include all available beam modes for dual-pol and qual-pol data. Any wide-beam data, as well as direct downlink direct source network (DSN) data, acquired by ASF at reduced resolution, are not terrain corrected.

The terrain corrected products are derived from ALOS PALSAR Level 1.1 single look complex data, generated by the JAXA Sigma SAR processor (version 12.01) of the ALOS core software (release 6.07).

RTC products are distributed at two resolutions. The hi-res products have a pixel size of 12.5m and are generated from high-resolution (NED13) and mid-resolution (SRTM 30m, NED1, and NED2) DEMs. The low-res products are generated at a 30m level for all available DEMs. All products are terrain corrected at the native pixel size of the DEM that is used for the correction. No additional resampling is required. All RTC products are geocoded to the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection and provided as floating-point power values in GeoTIFF format. The reference for the RTC products is pixel as point.

Further Reading#